Asking for tissues is not recommended

There are many advantages in carrying tissues. The main advantage is the ability to arrest the outbreak of germs. You can use the tissue to cover your mouth while coughing. You can sneeze into the tissue. If you are in a hot and humid place, you can use tissues to wipe out the sweat. Tissues are useful when you are traveling in a group. The group can be your choice of friends or the kind the public transport thrusts upon you. Whatever be your group, it makes the rest of the people a little more comfortable if you are using tissues. 

I say a little more comfortable as I feel achieving 100% comfort factor when someone is sneezing or coughing is impossible. That takes us to the next question. Do you carry a box of tissues while traveling? A box might be too big for you can also get tissues in small packs which can easily slip into your handbag or even the pockets in your jacket. The emphasis here is not the size of the tissue-pack but on the actual deed of carrying it. I ask again. Do you carry a pack of tissues? I recommend you to carry one. This prevents you from asking tissues from your friends. When you compare the hygiene factor with the embarrassment factor, the hygiene factor wins. But I ask you to carry tissues not because of the embarrassment. When you ask for tissues, you may end up with a lot more than what you asked for. You can listen to the conversation between two friends who are travelling together.

Friend Without Tissues(FWT): *with evident frustration* I hate this cold.

Second Friend(SF): *uninterested*

FWT: *continues in the frustrated tone* On top  of it, I have this sneezing spell.

SF: *still uninterested*

FWT: *in a pleading tone* Would you have any tissues with you?

SF: Sorry, don't ask me for tissues...*takes a pause*

FWT: *surprised* What?

SF: I can give you issues but not tissues... for I have a lot of issues to be resolved. Is that fine with you?

Sometimes, it is easier to carry the tissues.

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