Photos: How to eat a burger?

I smirk at friends who go for a knife and a fork while eating a burger. I started noticing this trend in Paris. I always tell those friends that it is not the right way to do it. One of the very first images of someone eating burger was in a movie where that someone takes a bite off the burger and the ketchup jumps out of the other end making a mess of the entire place. I always liked that image. What is the fun in eating a burger if we don't make a bit of a mess of it? Sticky fingers... Tell-tale marks on our shirt... You know the drill!

Last week, I was at the Reading Food festival and chanced upon someone eating a burger. I loved this image. It is very messy but it shows what it takes to eat a burger the right way.

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  1. Who eats a burger with a knife and fork? All fun is gone. I saw in TV show Seinfield one character eating chocolate bar using knife and fork

    1. I vaguely remember that episode. Then we know that TV show is making fun of all our quirkiness. :)

  2. So, my way of eating a burger is the right one. ;)


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