Sunday, June 22, 2014

Resignation is not an easy business

My friend is waiting to resign. You may have already guessed the reason behind it. Compensation, challenge and location constraints are some of the reasons that comes to our mind. Although these contribute to the main reasons, my friend is well past this stage. The reason he is waiting for is simpler than these reasons. At the same time, it has got a bigger effect on his current situation.

Gone are the uncomplicated days where you inform your manager and HR about your decision to quit in the most simple and sensible way. Inform them verbally which is followed by an email. This doesn't cut it anymore. Now, you have to use the various applications hosted on the intranet portals. Once you enter the necessary information and press submit, notifications are triggered automatically to all the necessary people in the hierarchy.

Anybody who has struggled with the intranet knows, the feature you need to work NOW never works. As a result, you have to raise a help desk ticket which get resolved in the agreed SLA which is usually 3-5 business days. The resignation feature is not working on the intranet portal and my friend has raised a help desk ticket. Now he is awaiting resolution for the ticket raised.

In a way, all is well that ends well. With this move, you can retain an employee for longer time. The ticket might get rejected because of lack of information which in turn means the employee is going to be here for a lot longer time.

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  1. He he, I guess a couple of decades ago we were in a place where getting a job was difficult and now it has extended to resigning from a job. It was quite an irony indeed. I remember the days when I put my papers. Damn, every creepy creature around starts seeming nice, esp when you are about to quit :D :D

    1. There was a time when you could resign and everybody accepted this fact. Nowadays, it takes longer for everyone to accept this fact. This makes it difficult for everyone. :)

      As for everyone seeming nice, it has got to do with us and also them. When we know we are on our way out, we mellow down. Similarly, the others too treat you differently.

  2. Tell me about it. These intranet portals were in place to make our lives easier. But they seem to be intent on doing the opposite!

    1. They need to give attention to usability. :)


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