This is MI5...

Recently, I was talking to a friend of mine who works with a major energy company. He had an interesting anecdote to share. In the past, there was a hacking attempt on the company's intranet. Unfortunately, the company did not realize they were being hacked. As soon as these attempts started, the CIO received a call.

"This is MI5", introduced the caller at the other end. "We would like to meet you in person. Your intranet is being attacked". It was a disturbing news. The CIO looked at his schedule and said, "You may come by on...". The CIO was trying to set an appointment which was 2 days away. The caller cut the CIO off. "No, we are on the motorway. We will be arriving at your facility in 20 minutes. We want to see when we reach there".

Let me assure you it was not a prank. The hacking attempt was from outside the country. Coming to think of the whole incident, there are two lessons from this incident. The energy business is essential to any country. We may not realize it. Any attack on this infrastructure can create chaos. No wonder why it is a touchy subject. If you doubt this statement, have you been in a blackout in a developed country. If you have, then you know what I am talking about.

The second is more humbling as far as I am concerned. I was under the illusion I did an important job changing the way people live. There are other jobs in the world which touches the lives of the people deeply and strongly.

Do you have similar anecdotes to share?

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  1.'s quite disturbing ! but hackers are really powerful these days...


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