Saturday, August 16, 2014

Teaching a healthy diet is not easy

When I say I love to eat beef, I have noticed pain and reproach in the face of the listeners. Once when I ordered pork, a barely noticeable silence engulfed the table before the boisterous tone of the ensuing conversation resumed. If you are too baffled by my preferences, let me assure I haven't eaten dogs or snakes yet. In fact, it took me a year and an excellent company to try out snails and also frog legs, all on the same night. If you are traumatized by my eating habits, you should have hung out with the boys from my neighborhood. They were into crows.

I have trouble eating only healthy food for a prolonged period. I need to have my boost of meat shooting up my blood streams to function in an efficient manner. The love for unhealthy food was also evident when my friend sent me a long email extorting the evils of fried chicken from one of famous chains. After carefully reading the article, I wanted to run out to get a bucket of fried chicken. On hind sight, my friend should not have send the pictures of fried chicken along with the email. 

At the same time, I do not force my eating habits on others. In return, I expect the same. Recently, I was a silent listener to a conversation between a eight year old and her mom. They were talking about food.

Mom: Do you like chicken? I can make it for you

Daughter: *smiling*Yes, I do. *pauses and then reflects* I like beef too.

Mom: *shocked* How can you? Have you seen a cow? It is a very big animal.

Daughter: *listens*

Mom: *explaining* They kill such a big animal and you are eating it.

Daughter: *listening and processing the information*

Mom: *drives in the final nail* It is a shame to kill such a big animal and eat it.

Daughter: *excitedly*We are not killing it. They are killing it. We are only eating it.

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  1. Let's troll a little bit ☺
    You seems to assert that meat is not "healthy". While an excessive consumption is certainly not, like every other excess, we remains an omnivorous species.
    According to some sources, snake tastes like chicken! Not sure there is a Kentucky Fried Snake though.

    1. :) I do consider excessive consumption of meat to be unhealthy. This is based on the advice of a physician whom I trust. It is easy to cook meat that we always end up cooking meat all the time.

      Although I am wide awake at the mention of "Kentucky Fried", my fear of the slithering creatures will prevent me from trying out snakes. I am not sure if I will get over this fear any time soon.

  2. Despite trying to eat healthy food most of the time, the occasional treats are definitely required, to suppress the cravings :-)

    1. he he. The unhealthy food is so tempting that these cravings are very frequent.

  3. hahahahahahahahahaha
    Pani Paali!!

    btw... Is it cow of buffallo?

    The other day, the 8yr old here was saying... I want to go vegetarian. I was shocked & ask her... So no non-veg at all? Not even Chicken?
    Not even chicken... unless it is fried & kfc!!!!

    And I smile ear to ear... :D

    1. We had cow in our minds during the conversation. But beef technically can be from all these sources. :)

  4. I think the key word should be "balance". Diet is directly proportional to geography & the kind of work we do.
    Moral of my story... Health is perspective O:-)

    1. The kind of work and geography, I agree. But with the kind of work we do, our diet does not justify what we eat. :)

    2. Yea... thats another fact... ;-)

  5. haha I smiled after reading the talks. Beef is banned in India as cow is sacred mother. But its common at your place. Location matters.

    1. Beef is banned in some states. Not everywhere in India. :)


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