The Bollywood effect on project planning

What has got Bollywood to do with project planning? Is this another one of my tireless efforts to get your attention? Before you even embark on that line of questioning, let me assure I am very interested in all the footfalls in this area. At the same time, I also urge you to be patient and listen to the tale I weave. As always, I promise not to disappoint you.

Now that we have decided to let the connection Bollywood and project planning be revealed at the appropriate moment, let us pick up the next point. Do you laugh at Bollywood movies? I do. It is driven by style and no substance. Am I a Bollywood fan? Of course, I am. But is Bollywood important in the world arena? Yes, it is. It is so important that even project managers take a note of it while planning.

I am planning a project that spans a couple of Christmases and also Onams. As with any project, we start with a few people, then we reach our maximum size and after which, we dissolve the team steadily. The line plotted using number of team members against time looks good and resembles the one drawn for any successful projects. We are also aware about challenges on abruptly bringing in new members especially in a far off development center in India. If we do not plan this phase effectively, the new members will be on board and do no have nothing to do.

My counterpart is a project manager who is British. So we were brainstorming on how this phase should be handled. There is extensive homework to be done by our existing team before we even bring more people on board. According to my British Project Manager, "If we do not plan how these new engineers are to be trained, they would show up and have nothing to do other than watching Bollywood movies on iPhone!".

The British Project Manager has never been to India. But Bollywood has already touched his life.

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