Books: The Chase

This novel is constructed like a popular Hollywood thriller. I say popular for a reason. A popular thriller doesn't necessarily needs to be stimulating intellectually. It engages you while keeping you superficially connected to characters and proceedings. This is how the novel pans out. This style may not come as a surprise if you examine the bio of the authors - Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg. The latter has been involved in creating successful TV series. Either he is using those skills or this book is a result of a rejected script!

The Chase is the second in the series Fox-O'Hare series. Nicolas Fox is a con-man and Kate O'Hare is obsessed with bringing him to justice. When Nick is captured, Kate's boss decides to play a game. They decide to team these two people to apprehend bigger criminals. This is where the plot resembles the TV series White Collar. Essentially the plot is the same in the TV series and the running length of each episode is 45 minutes, if you discount the ads, which keeps you engaged. Thankfully, the superficial treatment is engaging enough that you tend to finish the book in a couple of reading sessions, assuming you like long reading sessions. There isn't much to figure out, thereby making this less taxing to the brains.

As for the plot, Nick and Kate finds a new criminal who deals in stolen art. He was one of the influential persons in the previous government and is now running a security agency filled with ruthless mercenaries. Now this is serious game which might involve bodily harm or even death. The book is how Nick and Kate pulls small cons which culminates into a bigger con while traveling around the world.

Go for it if you really want to be taken for a ride.


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