Movie Review: Dom Hemingway

The movie opens with a monologue by Jude Law, who plays the titular character Dom Hemingway. In his opening address, Dom extols the virtues of his male genitalia. As the speech progresses, we as an audience undergo discomfort followed by disturbing feeling where this is all going to lead to. The monologue climaxes exactly where we predict. The opening signals us how the movie is going to be. It is a predictable, but it is also going to shake us up with colorful language and possibly shocking sequences.

Richard Shepard's Dom Hemingway is a drama. In many ways, the movie resembles a Quentin Tarantino movie. It has long scenes where the characters go on a soliloquy at the discomfort of the other players, but to the pleasure of the audience. The characters speak like they are reciting a poem. The ideas are simple thereby making us wonder how the characters can think so clearly. The language contains a lot of expletives. If the above factors aren't enough to compare the movie with Quentin Tarantino's movies, the movie has segments with a title that gives the plot of the segment. The segments are connected, but Richard Shepard decides to give a title to prepare the audience for what is coming.

The movie is engaging because of the performance by the lead actor, Jude Law. Jude Law plays a very loud vain person who has a quirky sense of loyalty and pride. The quirky sense of loyalty and pride ends him up in prison for 12 years. As a result, his wife was living with another man and his daughter has given him up. Now he wants to get his money and soon he wants to correct his past mistakes. But this task is not easy as long as he not willing to change himself. The role is safe with Jude Law, who excels in it. Richard E. Grant supports Dom as his buddy with one hand who always stands by him.

You can't watch this if kids are around. But it is a good watch.

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Rating: ***



  1. Nice review and as you've said, it resembles a Tarantino interest is piqued ...

    1. Make sure your headphones are on. Or watch it when there aren't people around who are upset by foul language.


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