Movie Review: Filth

With emphasis on profanity and sexual perversions, the movie is aptly titled Filth. I have not heard of the director Jon S Baird before. I indirectly know Irvine Welsh. The movie is based on his novel. All of us know one of his other works which is named Trainspotting. As a movie, it has already attained cult movie status. Yet I have not watched it completely after one of the extreme scene totally turned me off. In a lot of ways, this movie draws parallels with the earlier. Both the movies are about eccentric men who are from Scotland with substance usage issues and foul mouths. Add a generous amount of sex. You have Filth.

It is neither profanity nor the perversion related to skin which drove me to select this movie. It was the leading man, James McAvoy. He has come a long way in playing supporting roles and also from confused young man kind of roles. Remember, he is young Xavier aka Professor X now. Of late, he has been sporting a beard and also been experimenting in the dark roles. If you use the dark painful characters he portrays as the yardstick, his career like that of Leonardo DiCaprio. Gone are the days when these guys have played happy and simple characters. Of late, both of them have been playing dark characters who are on the brink of a breakdown.

James  McAvoy's Bruce Robertson is an addict. He is addicted to alcohol and drugs. He is a Detective Sergeant in Edinburgh who is aiming to get promoted soon. But he has a bunch of officers who are potential threat. As a result, he plays a lot of mind games with colleagues in order to increase his chances at the promotion. When the movie opens up, a Japanese student has been murdered. The one who solves the case will eventually get promoted. A sick mind also hides a lot of prejudices. As the movie progresses, we find out many of the prejudices of Bruce.

It is how the movie ties up all the loose ends that makes this is an interesting watch. The proceedings keeps us on the edge, that is if you can get past the profanity, sex and drugs on the screen. The movie boasts of many excellent performers like Jim Broadbent, Eddie Marsan and popular stars like Jamie Bell. Though the screen is crowded with famous names, it is James McAvoy who steals the show. At the end, it is difficult not to sympathize with James' Bruce.

Strictly for fans of serious cinema. It is definitely not suitable to watch when kids are around.

Language: English

Genre: Thriller

Rating: ****