Today Morning!

"I reviewed it today morning". What I got in return for this statement was a mischievous smile. I knew my English colleague had picked up something from what I said. But I couldn't figure it out yet. So I decided to play along and wait for him to connect the dots.

"What did you say? Could you repeat it?". My colleague requested. The smile was still present on his lips. It has now spread to his eyes.

"I reviewed it today morning". The words came out of my mouth as if I was treading a minefield. Slow, cautious with enough gap between his words.

"This morning!". My colleague said emphatically without letting smile leaving his lips. "There is no today morning. There is only this morning".

I made a mental note of it. At the same time, I decided to find out what my Indian friends would say for this morning. So I carefully constructed a question about what was the right word for this morning. It was easy for me. Since I had to ask this question either in Malayalam or Hindi. To the people I posed the question, pat came the reply. "Today morning". 

It gives me comfort to know I am not alone. Now comes the difficult part. We have to change.

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  1. Replies
    1. And until today, it was framed wrongly. :)

  2. Another great indian participation to the Common Wealth.
    To be put along "to prepone a delivery" ! ;) (doesn't happen a lot these days)

    1. Prepone or fast-track. :) Actually haven't used that phrase for a long time as we are still in planning phase and not in delivery phase.

      For prepone or fast-track, you need people who are proactive and reactive. ;)

  3. Correcting is an act of charity, my English teacher once said.

    1. Now that you have said it, I agree. Having said it, have you noticed how people do this piece of charity? Some people wants us to acknowledge they have are doing us a favor. While others do it and forget about it. :)


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