Big cities have quiet spots

What is the first thing coming to your mind when you hear the word city? Too many people? Busy pace of life? What do you find while browsing through the images when you are planning a visit to one of the big cities of the world? Crowded spaces! Despite the crowded spaces, a big city can make you feel lonely. As everyone is busy in their pursuit of happiness, a man or a woman becomes an island and eventually lonesome. It is an interesting philosophical statement. Strange as you might find it. The big cities can make you lonely not only because everyone is busy but also due to the quiet streets in the middle of the concrete jungle where you can hear a pin drop.

I love big cities not only because of the busy pace but because of different-as-chalk-and-cheese experiences. I was in London a week back. London is a big city, crowded but still secluded. During my exploration, I stumbled into a deserted street. The streets were lined up with office buildings and apartments, but there was not even a soul on the streets. It was an amusing contrast for me. Here I was in the middle of a crowd and two minutes later, I am walking through a street where there is absolute silence. Two minutes earlier, I would not have imagined the noise around me would dissipate thereby making straining my ears to listen to signs of life.

In a big city, you might come across a deserted street emerging from a busy street. For instance, take Trafalgar Square. You can cut across to the Mall from Trafalgar Square through a busy street or through a couple of small deserted streets. To imagine we left a busy square to enter a street with not a soul in sight is difficult to fathom. Sometimes you find lovers tucked away in these streets. Most of the time, a big city does not give you privacy when passions rises up. So you are forced to create an island ignoring the world. When you are lucky, it gives small islands of refuge.

It is not true that big cities can't give you a quiet spot where you can relax and organize your thoughts. If you differ, then you haven't looked hard enough in the city. What I suggest for you is to take a series of right turns or left turns or combination of both from the main street. You will come across a quiet street. Before you leave, please  make sure you have a GPS enabled mobile or even a small map with you.

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  1. Though I am not being london, but here in delhi, there are some places too, where you can feel yourself, you gather your energy and it's like everything on track. Surajkund, i don't know have you heard of it, but it's quite a place, and i go there regularly, just to recollect me and find me in fast paced life. :) nice post.

    1. I have lived in Gurgaon. But never ventured out in the city as much as I would have loved to. I haven't heard about Surajkund either. But you understand the point I am making. Thanks for commenting,

  2. Very well- written. Yes, it is indeed strange that in big cities, we come across a deserted street soon after a busy one. I love to find quiet spots but some times, they are too quiet. It's spooky when you are the only one amidst a concrete jungle.


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