St Paul's Cathedral, my sacred heart of London

Have you looked at St Paul's Cathedral from the Millennium Bridge? When you are the standing at the Tate's end of the Millennium bridge, you see the dome of the cathedral rising up into the sky. The dome is what makes this view unique. Right towards the lower edge of the frame created by your naked eye, there is a sea of people crossing the bridge. The dome and the human sea together makes this view unique and breathtaking.

The dome of St Paul's cathedral is a light show in itself. Depending on the mood of the sun, the dome displays different colors. This phenomenon makes the dome more interesting and exciting. Similar to putting hand into the cookie jar without knowing what cookie you may end up with, you will see a different color every visit. When you travel in Europe, cathedrals and domes are a familiar sight. Have you noticed dome is a significant feature in both Christian and Muslim places of worship? It is easy to differentiate between the domes (Christian versus Muslim) the way it is constructed.

For me, the sight of the dome from Millennium bridge represents a different thing. Have you climbed the small hill in Parc de Buttes-Chaumont? If you have climbed on top of that small hill, you will get a view of Sacre Coeur from there. The sun, if he likes you on that particular day, will play his magic on the domes of Sacre Coeur giving you a look that is equally breathtaking. The view of St Paul's from Millennium Bridge reminds me that St Paul's is my Sacre Coeur in London.



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