Delivering the unspeakable

What is the differentiating factor of your company? Recently when engaged in a discussion with a group of professionals, the question arose. The group of professional were all working as system integrators in the IT world. For this particular question, there are many answers that is vague and is hard to quantify. So I was surprised when someone came with an answer. "We deliver shit."

I was taken aback by the bold statement. It is one thing you are providing unusable services, but it is altogether another thing to blatantly admit it. When the speaker saw the shocked look on our faces, he explained. "No, we don't delivery shit. We deliver SHIT". All of us were still baffled. "SHIT as in S, H, I, T." Although the speaker was spelling out each character, we already knew the spellings. "SHIT is acronym for somehow in time." As it made perfect sense, we all smiled.

To think about it, delivering somehow in time is not success. This method is best to meet timelines. It is a defeatist approach to ensure a green status in your report for the most items. On the flip side, this approach doesn't guarantee the usability of what you are providing. Then what is the point in delivering somehow in time?

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