Doctors and Daddies

A father is always protective of his children, but he is overly protective of his daughter. A daughter always brings the best in a father. You may be toughest person on earth. But when you daughter describes the world, you might want that to be the truth even though your intelligence might point to the opposite direction. I had an interesting conversation with my daughter the other day. When I was talking about paying consultation fees for a doctor, my daughter was surprised.

Daughter: *quizzing* Why do you have to pay a doctor?

Me: *patiently* They need money for various things.

Daughter: *pausing for a second to digest this fact* But I thought doctors were sweet. That is why they are doctors, and they don't money.

At this point, I realize I have to break another fragment of the perfect world my daughter has created in her mind. So I carefully think on how to approach it. Once I have formulated my line of reasoning; I resume.

Me: *slowly* They do accept money. Haven't you seen me paying at the hospital before going to see a doctor? *mentally heaves a sigh, thinking it is going to take some time for my daughter to digest it*

Daughter: *instantly* Yes. But that is because you are sweet and so you pay the doctor.

To be frank, everything after the word "sweet" was a blur. I was flying high after that. Who am I kidding? I am still flying high.

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  1. hehe...... Lovely read. Children are always sweet & innocent. But think about it if all people work just out of their sweetness - no need, no hidden agenda, how the world would be? :)

    1. The world will definitely be a better place. But is it not called Utopia? :)

  2. hahahahahahahahahaha
    will this work on sisters?


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