Photos: Sketching intensely

The walkway connecting Millennium bridge with St Paul's Cathedral offers a good view of the cathedral. There are benches along this walkway. During my last visit, I found an artist drawing on a white paper. The subject was St Paul's Cathedral. But she was looking intensely into the paper and was lost in the activity. In between she, would wake up from the trance to share funny lines with her friend who was also sketching.

There was no way I was going to capture this picture without getting close to her. So I decided to ask her permission. I was in for a surprise when I asked for permission. She laughed nervously when she heard my request to photograph her beautiful eyes. "My eyes are evil." That was her response. Her response makes me wonder. Why are women unsure about their beauty?

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  1. Very nice picture Nona. I could see her involvement in her act.

    1. It was even more interesting for me. When I asked her, she was shy and unsure why I am asking her to photograph. But she relented. Within seconds, she forgot about the request and got herself immersed in what she was doing!


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