Movie Review: 11.6

11.6 stands for 11.6 million Euros, the sum stolen by Toni Musulin. Toni was an armored truck driver. One fine day, he drove his armored truck with 11.6 million Euros and never returned. The story of Toni is the subject of the book written by Alice Géraud-Arfi. Philippe Godeau uses this book as the foundation of his movie. Instead of the thrilling elements of the heist, the director focuses on the human side of the drama. This choice is one of the major setbacks of the movie. The human side of a heist is less attractive than the thrills.

François Cluzet stars as Toni Musulin. If you remember the quadriplegic in Intouchables, then you know who François Cluzet is. The role is not challenging for him if you consider the fact he has already played a role where he has restricted movements. For a man who does not want to get into trouble but becomes angry at his living condition, François Cluzet does a good job. Although Toni teaches the oppressive capitalists (no points in guessing how these corporations become villains in France), we are unable to sympathize with him because of ambiguities in the character. How can he afford fast cars? What tips Toni to be vengeful? These are neither explained nor alluded, and it is where Philippe Godeau fails to make this movie a gripping drama.

Toni Musulin was hailed as a hero after the heist. He had a lighter sentence because there was no firearms involved in the heist. The authorities have not recovered a sizable chunk of the money. All the above are exciting to read. But the director chooses to show what is Toni's background, who are Toni's friend and why weren't they implicated. These factors contain the ingredients of drama but not an interesting one.

If you run out of other choices, then you may try it.

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Language: French

Genre: Drama

Rating: **