Movie Review: Kraftidioten

Does "Kraftidioten" in Norwegian translates to "In Order Of Disappearance" in English? "In Order Of Disappearance" is the title of this movie for the English-speaking market. I find Scandinavian films appealing because of the thriller element in them. More than the bone chilly coldness of the characters, the loneliness these souls feel in the cold countries is more enigmatic and intriguing. The movie features two of the prominent names from this side of the Atlantic, Stellan Skarsgård, and Bruno Ganz. The former needs no introduction. If you are wondering about the latter, remember who played Hitler in that movie, aptly named "Downfall", which features last few days of the dictator.

A small village in Norway provides the backdrop for the movie. Stellan Skarsgård plays Nils, who is a snowplow driver. Nils is a recipient of Model Citizen when the movie opens. Because of the nature of Nils' job,  we see only snow in all directions. As a result, the entire frame is white, dazzling and mesmerizing you at the same time. When his son dies of a drug overdose, Nils is shattered. According to Nils, his son was not a drug addict. Unable to sleep at night, Nils hunts down the people responsible. The pursuit and persecution of the perpetrators unintentionally erupt in a gang war between crime syndicates.

Directed by Hans Petter Moland, the film is difficult to classify. There are elements of a thriller in the movie. But the film isn't a thriller. The whole movie is based on the concept of the son. Everybody is at each other's throat because of their sons. There are fathers avenging their son's death. There is a father who is worried about his son's safety. Like I said earlier, it is the concept of the son that binds the movie together. The movie cannot be classified as a drama either. There is a sense of loss that drive many of the characters to avenge and betray. But this characteristic alone is not be sufficient to classify this movie as a drama. Finally, it is not a comedy. Although there are many a moment, that puts  a smile on your face. The Count played by Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen is one such character. Losing temper very easily and unable to cope with the pressure in the chosen vocation, the Count aka Greven, makes you smile at him in misery. Similarly, Stellan Skarsgård and Bruno Ganz makes us smile and laugh in their way.

The movie is interested despite the gory scenes. The movie offers a thriller and comedy rolled into one. Go for it. If not the story, the photography, highlighting the emptiness, will keep you hooked to the movie.

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Language: Norwegian

Genre: Thriller

Rating: ****


  1. Aww! Norwegian movie. I have seen much of Albanian and Italian movies. After this review, Norwegian movies has been added in my wishlist. Sounds like a good movie and a cool review :)

    1. There is nothing to beat a Scandinavian thriller...whether it is a movie or a book. :)


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