Movie Review: Un Beau Dimanche

Why do French movies end up with an uninteresting name in the international market? For instance, "Un Beau Dimanche" is titled as "Going Away". Even if you do not know French, you can still use Google Translate and wonder why the translation ended like chalk and cheese. But if you are wondering after seeing this movie directed by Nicole Garcia, both of the titles are apt. But "Un Beau Dimache" which translates to a beautiful Sunday is a fitting as the major event in the movie happens on a sunny Sunday, which is also a Whitsun.

The movie is about a nomadic teacher Baptiste(Pierre Rochefort) who picks up contractual teaching job all over France for a few months and then moves on. When Baptiste meets Sandra(Louise Bourgoin), divorced mother of one of his students, he is attracted to her who is also a nomad like him. Very soon, Baptiste returns reluctantly to his roots. Although he has been fleeing his past and family, he has to go back to them for Sandra and her son.

At the core, the movie is about dysfunctional families and how one hates to break the claustrophobic expectations set by one's family. Dysfunctional family is a favorite theme for a drama. We have seen this theme playing out in different variations. As a result, "Un Beau Dimanche" has nothing new to offer. As with French movies, the emphasis is on performance and not on extravagant settings.

Though the movie gives you a sense of deja vu, this is recommended for a stress-free viewing. You know what you are getting. The movie may not surprise you. But it will keep you engaged.

Language: French

Genre: Drama

Rating: ***


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