What takes us long to exit from the road leading to nowhere?

Conveying messages in a workplace is challenging. When there is bad news like abrupt termination of a contract or a project, people are very careful in framing the message. In an informed world, the messenger is likely to send himself/herself into HR/Legal arena. Will the messenger be alone? This question opens a dedicated discussion. So let's concentrate on how we perceive a carefully conceived and concealed message.

Recently a friend of mine was working on a project that was undergoing changes at the speed of light. The constant changes were destabilizing everyone as they couldn't plan a thing on professional and personal grounds. Unfortunately, this has become the norm of the modern workplace. After months of indecision, all parties were able to decide on the next steps. The decision also meant scaling down the existing operations. As luck would have it, the functions headed by my friend was no longer required.

The writings on the wall could never have been clearer. His friends, who were working on the same project, encouraged him to look for other opportunities. During the initial days as the direction wasn't clear, his friends hinted at the impending doomsday scenario. When my friend was still hopeful about a positive outcome, his friends panicked and changed the language to use more precise words. Despite the well intentions, my friend failed to lose hope. Now things are clearer. My friend has not woken up from his slumber yet.

I am an outsider. But I can't stop wondering. What keeps us going even when the signals are clear? What makes us hope against the hope that bad will not befall on us? What makes us complacent in our daily routine?

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  1. like they say, sometimes positivity and optimism is also a bad thing and it pays to be a realist! Good read...

    1. We often tend to mistake optimism and blindly believe things are going to be better. In this case, it becomes harder to adjust to reality.

  2. That is why being optimistic should include a few traces of being practical as well. I've been in many situations where I know it's leading to a dead end, but I simply refused to believe it (and paid the price too). That particular incident was because I was single-handedly doing everything and I started taking it personally.


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