Dealing with the ordinary

Sometimes, I am awestruck by ingenious creations by others, and I know one thing for sure. Never will I be able to think, act or create like these people in spite of trying hard. Though my statement may sound defeatist to you, there is a limit to our brain capabilities. You may cite the often used study conducted on London cab drivers and how their brain size increased by navigating the London streets. The truth is most of us never gets a chance to increase the size of our brains. So, I wonder. What is the capability of a man? Is there a way to measure this criterion? When I ask these questions to myself, I am referring to a specific time. To be clear, I am referring to capability and not potential.

Men are not created equal. The above fact is the reason why men struggle all their lives to either catch up or race ahead. There are great men. They are either great from birth or achieve the greatness with hard work. Then there are men who will never achieve anything in spite of trying. If you look at what is happening in our world, there are no mention of these non-achievers. The world talks about ordinary men overcoming difficulties to become great men. If you ask me, they were already great, and they unlocked the chains that were holding them back. What about ordinary men remaining ordinary? There is no mention of this category.

How do you deal with ordinary men? There are volumes written about inspiring an ordinary man to rise. There are many ways to motivate people. When a man realizes his shortcomings, it is easier to set him on the right path. What happens when an ordinary man thinks he is great. There are men who realize they are pedestrian, in their later life. This moment, when the bubble breaks, is the most painful moment in his life. Then there are ordinary men who go on living in a delusion of self grandeur. They will never listen to words of wisdom and also prove difficult for others.

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  1. And then there are some who are at peace with their ordinariness, making them extraordinary

  2. Then there are ordinary people who knows they are ordinary and are completely comfortable being ordinary......

    1. Yes, there are. Where do you find such people?


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