Photos: The winding stairs of South Stack lighthouse

Lighthouses have captured our attention for ages. The lonesome towering figure along the coast guides the faraway ship of both safety and danger. But in the modern world with GPS-enabled navigation, what is the relevance of a lighthouse? With modern telecommunication technology, you receive cellphone signals a few distance away from the coast. On top of this, the satellite navigation system has become cheaper. South Stack Lighthouse in Anglesey provides a breathtaking view of the creative powers of both nature and man.

South Stack Lighthouse is situated on a small island. You can walk from one end of the island to the other in less than 5 minutes. Nevertheless, it is an island. When you are visiting this place, you arrive at the top of the cliff by car. From this point, you can look down to see the lighthouse from the edge of the cliff. Then you walk down to the lighthouse using a manmade winding pathway. The winding path ends in a small bridge that provides the connects the mainland with the island. You cross the bridge to set your foot on the island. 

I walked down these stairs and the bridge to see the lighthouse. Although it was not a strenuous march, I couldn't help wondering about the men who fought their way down the cliff to build the lighthouse. You will never question the significance of a lighthouse when look at the treacherous cliffs. But you will never be able to imagine the hardships encountered to build this lighthouse.

Here is a view of the winding stairs created on the cliff ending in the bridge.

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