Who wears the trousers here?

The division of labour has been the key factor in determining the success of a team since time immemorial. Different people with varying skills come together to perform a complex project. The complex project is divided into a series of tasks. These tasks are carried out by individual members to achieve a goal. The division of labour is found not only in a professional environment but also in personal life. There are difficult choices to make while dividing the tasks. Who is the right person to be undertaking this tasks? Is this person already overloaded with work? Recently, I heard an interesting incident about a friend and his partner.

My friend and his partner are both working, and hence all household chores are undertaken during the weekend. The partner is meticulous and organized. So she writes down all the tasks and the name of the person on a whiteboard in their apartment. When my friend woke up on a Saturday, he was not surprised to find the tasks on the whiteboard. What piqued his interest and also irritated him immediately was another factor associated with these tasks. Hence, he decided to confront his partner.

My Friend(MF): *in a combative tone* Why are these tasks assigned to me?

The partner(TP): *intrigued* You are the one who has to do these.

MF: *refuses to mellow down* All the tasks are assigned to me. You have none. Why?

TP: *smiles* That is because I am smart. I finish all my tasks.

MF: *tongue tied* Err...

TP: *smiles*

MF: *thinking for an eternity before coming up with an alternate line of reasoning* This is unacceptable!

TP: *listens with no interest*

MF: *uses the only argument* Who wears the trousers here?

TP: *smiles victoriously*

MF: *confused*

That is when my friend realizes she is indeed wearing a trouser!

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  1. A rather enticing title led to an equally cheerful scene. Perfecto!


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