Your dream is bust

The man has a house situated near the green paddy fields. He built this house after After retiring from his job. The house was a long cherished dream. The calm greenery surrounding this house resonates with his inner calmness. He has achieved everything in life. He has achieved everything he needs. He can take leisurely walks enjoying the beautiful scenery, read books and engage in conversations with his beloved. There are major events happening in the world. The impacts of these events never reach this secluded corner of the world. He connects to the outside world only when he feels it is necessary. At the same time, the outside world can come in search of him. The doors are always open.

If you are wondering this man is, he doesn't exist. I constructed this image based on many conversations with my friend. The man described above is an amalgamation of various visions of themselves in a few years. Although the specifics may vary, there were an underlying theme in their visions of the future. All of them wanted to make a lot of money, build a house in Kerala and retire. When you have made and invested a lot of money wisely, you don't have to worry about making ends meet. You can indulge in worldly pleasures. While talking about worldly pleasure, agriculture emerges as the top favorite. When I look at agriculture, it is not a leisure activity but back-breaking hard work. Why would anyone make a lot of money and then end up as a farmer? Then, who am I to question aspirations and dreams?

The world is changing fast that the change is the constant. To achieve your dreams, you need a steady job. Even the job demands you to change constantly. There is always a room for improvement. If you have done it, you can do it better in another way. Your work has slowly creeped and engulfed your life. Most of us behave the same way at work and home. While we struggle to improve ourselves at work and life, look who has turned up for the party. Skynet. If you haven't seen the original Terminator, forget it. Let me do it again. Look who has turned up for the party! Robots. Now, they are going to take away our jobs. They are going to destroy our dreams. That beautiful house near the paddy field is in your mind. Even if you manage to build that house, what are you going to watch from there? Robots harvesting paddy and carrying it over their head is not a pretty sight.

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  1. There is a lot of science involved with agriculture... jabaa jabaa jabaa

    1. A friend has a different viewpoint. It is not the science. You feel more close to the earth.


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