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How do you motivate yourself to get into a routine? When this routine is related to healthy living, there are many advocates. Unfortunately, these advocates are unable to motivate the lazy and the skeptics. Recently, I was a silent spectator for a motivational speech involving Pappettan and a common friend.

Common Friend: *stating the problem* Running is good. But I get tired.

Pappettan: *offers advice* If that is the case, then you do shorter runs first and then gradually increase the duration gradually over a period.

Common Friend: *after carefully considering the advice* Your suggestion makes sense.

Pappettan: *continues with his wisdom* You also have to make sure you run every day.

Common Friend: *exclaims* No!

Pappettan: *ignoring the outburst* If you are a morning person, do it half an hour after you wake up. If you are an evening person, do it every evening at 7:30 pm.

Common Friend: *exasperatedly* I don't think I can do it daily. Once or Twice a week is fine with me.

Pappettan: *pushes hard* Exercising regularly is a wise investment for good health.

Common Friend: *unconvinced* But....

Pappettan: *calmly* It is all in your mind. For instance, imagine you have a clandestine meeting with Kate Upton every evening at a certain time. Won't you move mountains to be there on time?

I have to admit. The man knows how to motivate people. When I left the scene, the common friend was still beaming and lost in thoughts.

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    1. It is not easy to create a habit. There are many techniques. There is another school which says we need activation energy to start doing an activity. We procrastinate if the activation energy is high. So we need to device a method where the activation energy is less. To convert into plain speak, keep your running shoes near your bed. It is easier to put it on when you get up and go for a walk/run. :)


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