Planning and execution lessons of a different kind

The school is closed for the summer holidays. Since then my daughter have been excited to go out in the evening. At times, I have trouble matching up with her energy that I come up with excuses. As she is growing up faster than I want her to, my excuses are shot down at ease. While I struggle with reasoning, I also realize an important point. I should learn from her the aspect of planning. The way she planned a visit to the nearest Toys-R-Us taught me a lot more about planning and execution than all the on-the-job training and books.

Her objective was simple. She wanted to buy a pack of Yummy Nummies. She had already found out the price for a packet and also the shop. The shop was Toys-R-Us. The price effectively took out the first objection as it was reasonable. The next challenge was the actual trip. Before I could come up with traffic, she gave the distance from our house to the nearest shop. The shop is 9 minutes away by car, as there was no traffic. If you are wondering where is she getting this information, she is getting this information from the same place where we are getting it. Google Maps! She has done her planning well.

I had other errands to run that evening. When I returned to the car after the last errand, she had already set up the GPS with the directions to Toys-R-Us.

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  1. Kids these days have all information on their tips and they also know how to use it better than we know.

    1. I am surprised at the ease in which they adopt as well as adapt to the technology. I should not be surprised because I use these applications in my daily use. But I never thought my daughter would be using it too!

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    1. I like the way they intelligently use the technology. :)

  3. Kids are very smart these days.


    Sriram & Krithiga


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