To use versus to engage

As we progress with our professional chores on any given day, we use multiple tools to accomplish our tasks. But do we use our coworkers during a day? Did you wince by when the used the verb "use"? If you did, then join me while I wonder why do people use this verb in work regarding a living breathing human being.

I come across the verb "use" often at work. At work, there are many team members who are idle. I have been given a very simple instruction by many of my colleagues regarding unused resources in the pool sometimes also referred as the bench. "They are doing nothing. So, use them". I also wince hearing this statement. First, the term "use" doesn't sound right. If we can divide all tasks into smaller ones that can be carried off with minimal load on our brain's computing powers, then we would all be out of work. The day may not be far but it hasn't arrived yet.

According to me, I could always use additional help. To enhance my capabilities, I should engage these free team members and not use them. While I engage these team members, I get more out of resulting relationship. How do I engage them? This question is trickier to solve.

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  1. Very true, Nona. Words make an impression on our subconscious. Tony Robbins dealt it in detail in his book, 'Awakening the Giant Within.' The word 'use' instantly makes a human into a thing. A very thoughtful post indeed. :)

    1. Thanks for sharing the name of the book. I will put that in my reading list. :)


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