Movie Review: Gone Girl

Having read the novel, I was happy with the selection of David Fincher as the director of the movie version of the novel "Gone Girl". David Fincher has given us dark movies before. Who else is the right choice to bring the darker side of marriage? The novel resembles a screenplay where events unfold in a non-linear manner for a major part. Gillian Flynn, the author of the novel, pens the screenplay for the movie that is almost a replica of the novel. When the novel gets adapted as the movie, the latter becomes darker and shocking than the former.

David Fincher sets a dark tone for his movie. Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike plays Nick and Amy respectively, a couple who loses their jobs during the economic downturn and subsequently moves to a small town in Missouri when Nick's mother health deteriorates. In his hometown, Nick opens a bar with his twin sister. As the movie opens, Amy has gone missing, and the townfolks are frantically searching for her. As time progresses, we realise that Nick and Amy have been leading a less perfect life. The choice of the lead pair by David Fincher is unusual but right. As they are both beautiful people, the disintegrating marriage and violence on the screen turns disturbing for the viewer. Rosamund Pike has played bad girl before in Die Another Day. But Amy is a new territory for Rosamund Pike, and she easily slips into it. She undergoes physical transformation to match the various phases of Amy. Ben Affleck has a tougher role because he is the one always reacting to situations. Although he gets overshadowed by Amy at many places, he also brings out the suffering and confused husband ably.

As a person who has read the book, I am happy with the adaptation. David Fincher is back in form after the disappointing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The direction, the screenplay and the acting transforms this adaptation in an engaging drama told in a thriller format. There is an underlying theme of violence. When the violence erupts, the ensuing scenes repulse you. Hence, this is not a movie to watch with kids.
Language: English

Genre: Drama

Rating: ****


  1. Thanks for such a nice review.......


    1. Thanks. A bit late though. :) I have been catching up on movies

  2. I found the movie absolutely fabulous! Great acting by all. The movie hooked me throughout, though I haven't read the book.

    1. The movie and the book has raised a lot of objections mainly because they are depicting marriage as a villain. Secondly, the diabolical plan is by a woman!


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