Movie Review: Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation

So far, a different director has helmed each episode of the Mission Impossible series. Christopher McQuarrie handles the latest one in the series. In case you are wondering who Christopher McQuarrie, he is the one who gave you Jack Reacher. I liked Jack Reacher because the ability of the director to establish the character with a fast-paced narration. So I was looking forward to this movie. Moreover, the trailers showing Tom Cruise hanging on the side of Airbus is exciting and intriguing.

The movie wastes no time and starts of the cliffhanger in the trailer namely the Airbus scene. During the time, all the main characters Ethan Hunt(Tom Cruise), Benji Dunn(Simon Pegg), William Brandt(Jeremy Renner) and Luther Stickell(Ving Rhames). Once the stage is set, we get to know IMF has been compromised. Although Ethan believes there is a much larger secretive organization named Syndicate, there is no proof for the same. IMF is disbanded. CIA absorbs the current operatives under the supervision of Alan Hunley(Alec Baldwin). Ethan is on the run after being captured by Solomon Lane(Sean Harris) and escaping from his custody with the help of the mysterious Ilsa Faust(Rebecca Ferguson).

As you can see, the stage is set for spectacular action scenes. The movie changes locations from Belarus, Washington, Cuba, Paris, Vienna, Morocco and finally London. The constant shift in location adds to the excitement, and nowadays this phenomenon has become very common in movies. Either the travel and studio support environment has improved or the air ticket prices have nosedived. In addition to the shift in locations, this movie is also a nod to the previous ones in the series. There are references to Ethan's escapades in the past and also brings back the IMF characters. On top of all this, there is also a bike chase in Morocco which is a hat tip to MI-II. The face changing masks are there. There is no high-altitude acrobatics. But there are highly impossible "Ethan" stunts.

As the name implies, this series is detached from reality. Hence, if the movie can dazzle you with visuals relying on the suspension of disbelief, then it can be termed a success. In that respect, the movie succeeds. Simon Pegg's funny lines prevent us from guffawing and instead smiling when Ethan is ready to execute the underwater stunt. There are other places where Simon Pegg comes to the rescue of the movie with his witty lines. There is nothing much to write about the other actors. They just fit the bill to give us an entertaining watch.

If you are an action junkie, then this is for you.

Language: English

Genre: Action

Rating: ***


  1. Absolutely the best MI movie ever, and maybe the best action flick of the summer. Totally enjoyable: good actin, plot, characters, and enough laughs to keep you entertained.

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