The art of naming restuarants

Names play an important part as it provides an identity. Have you wondered about the art of naming a restaurant? What does the owner think while choosing a name? Does it reflect the cuisine or does it reflect the experience? While conversing with my daughter recently, I learned the importance of a name. Not that I didn't know it before, but sometimes a chance conversation could reopen your eyes.

Daughter: *with excitement* Let's go to that place where we went before for dinner.

Me: *not able to understand where* Do you remember when?

Daughter: *clarifies* It was a while back. It is a nice place.

Me: *still having trouble in recollecting* Remind me, please.

Daughter: *with patience* The one opposite Ryman.

Me: *bingo* Oh! Royal Tandoori.

Daughter: *smiles* Yes.

Me: *carefully diverts to choose another restaurant* Can we try "House of Flavours"? Have you been there?

Daughter: *abruptly* No

Me: *awaits a clarification*

Daughter: *seals the deal* No, we will go to Royal Tandoori. It is posh. The name says so.

My personal preference is the second one because of the ambiance. But the word "Royal" won my daughter over. Now I also know why the restaurants these glaring adjectives as part of their name.

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