Smoking ban in the car

Even when I was a smoker, I disliked smoking in the car. When you smoked in the car, the interiors smelled terrible. If you can't fathom this, have you ever been checked into a smoking room in a hotel. Then you know what it means to be riding in a car where the previous occupants have smoked. But it is not the smelly interiors that make me happy with the ban on smoking in the cars in the UK. What you do in your private space and with your health is ultimately your business. This ban would not prevent you from doing so. But if you are anyone under 18 in your car, then you will be charged.

There is a reason I like this initiative. There are no words to describe this addiction. To satisfy the smoker's needs, they usually put other at risk. When I look around, there are many people who smoke in the car. On one instance, I saw a mother walking out of Morrisons with her children. As soon as they loaded their car and safely strapping the kids, she lighted a cigarette before starting the car. The cigarette was dangling from her lips with smoke drawing a funny pattern all over her face when she passed in front of me in the car. I couldn't help wonder. She could have smoked the cigarette outside the car before driving back home. The kids would stay in the car. She could observe them from a safe distance. But what was the rush? As an adult, I can protest against second hand easily. But how can children protest? Even if they do, will any smoker take them seriously?

The ban came into effect on October 1st, 2015. Of course, there are protests against the ban. Listening to the radio while driving, I came across the best offense against this ban from a representative of a smoker's association. Ask me no more. Yes, there is an association like this. According to this eminent personality, the second-hand smoke is safer because the smoker has already absorbed all the harmful contents.  What comes out of his mouth and nose as second-hand smoke is purified content. I am not sure where he is coming or going with this argument, but it is entertaining. The conversation highlights the fact there is freedom of speech and we can talk anything without any basis on account of this freedom. Moreover, no matter how you try, there will always be resistance to whatever you do. There will never be unanimous acceptance.

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  1. Now that's an interesting argument. :)
    (But I think I'll stick to saying 'No thank you' to second hand smoke.)

  2. Haha! Its always interesting to read about UK as London was home for me for a few years :-)

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