Heaven is here at Burnham Beeches Natural Reserve

Every season as its characteristics. Likewise everyone has preference for certain seasons.  I have never understood when people go weak in the knee while describing autumn also known as fall. The leaves are at the end of their life. As a result, they fall leaving the tree naked. Then the tree awaits the arrival of spring to cover itself with a new coat of leaves. If we consider spring as the beginning of life, then autumn is the sunset years. Moreover, if you are going gaga about the yellow color, the jackfruit tree in front of my ancestral home used to have yellow leaves all year around. So please cut me some slack if I look at you sans expression while describing fall colors.

When autumn arrives, everyone is searching a place to see fall colors. I remember a time when my colleague carried a weighty SLR around the office campus located near San Jose downtown before the advent of DSLR to capture the colors. I never understood the fascination. Now I have a DSLR; I am interested in fall color. The interest is to undertake landscape photography in the hope my composition will improve. Luckily for me, the locations just fall into my lap thanks to the hard word done by dear ones. Recently, I came across Burham Beeches Natural Reserve. The natural reserve is located in Maidenhead. As this is very close to Reading and the weekend sported an unusually high temperature coupled with clear skies for an autumn day, I decided to visit Burham Beeches.

The natural reserve is good enough to make a believer out of anybody. Nature is indeed beautiful, and she can also wear clothes sporting multiple colors. I could see a red tinge to everything. The result was surreal. 
You ask yourself if you are in a dream. 
You ask yourself if you are alive. 
You ask yourself if you are in heaven. 

I equated this place to heaven, and that also provided the lesson of the day. You may seek heaven everywhere, but it is close to your home.

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  1. Wow! Must've been an amazing experience indeed.

  2. Nature is pretty in her yellow attire, ain't she? I'm sure you agree, now.
    Lovely pictures from this year's 'sunset days.' ;)

    1. "Sunset days" aren't bad. That is one of the takeaways from this short trip

  3. Beautiful place.. would like to visit too..

  4. What a beautiful place...superb shots Nona


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