The smartphone state

UK government wants to become a smartphone state. What is a smartphone state? After reading the article, a smartphone state is where all the administrative tasks related to being governed can be accomplished using a smartphone. It is a novel idea. A few years back, we wanted to do the same over the Internet using browsers. The transition from the browsers to the smartphone is a sign of the progress made in the past few years.

In the past few years, I have lost three smartphones. So I am very skeptical about making the smartphone as an essential element in our life. The smartphone is already controlling our lives. It virtually dictates the way we live. But can we turn it into our identities? Forget about smartphone snatchers, a breed commonly found in the big cities. We are prone to lose it anywhere. How can we make such a device into our identity? You may argue a driving license and passport can also be easily stolen or lost. In real life, we do not display it outside so often as a smartphone.

Besides the above point, what about the price of a smartphone? It has been steadily climbing. It has come to the stage we have to save for a considerable period before buying one. You could always get tied to one of the telecom operators to get a phone with an affordable down payment. Eventually, the phone would have cost you more than what you have paid in full. When will the trend turn downwards?

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