9000 miles for exoticism

Our quest characterises our life. In fact, we are searching all our lives for different things. If change is constant, then so is our quest. Does our continued exploration become successful in finding the answer? It 's hard to say. It becomes cruel when the search defines the quality of life we live. Because of this reason, I was interested in a writer's find after traveling 9000 miles. 9000 miles a pretty long way from home.

Have you heard about a fruit named Jambu Air? The writer discovered this exotic fruit in Indonesia. You may read her account of this discovery by clicking this link. When I saw the picture of Jambu Air posted by the writer, it looked familiar. As a result, I looked it up, in my mother tongue Malayalam. Jambu Air is Jambakka. Jambakka is a common in Kerala. My mind was overloaded with a lot of childhood memories when I made the connection between Jambu Air and Jambakka.

The fruit is a common one in Kerala. It is exotic for someone who lives 9000 miles away. There is beauty near us. But we never find it. Sometimes, it takes a stranger to find it near our home and tell us.

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