Fire and Drinks, 2016 begins

The new year has dawned all around the world. All are happy and hopeful about what the new year will bring. All of us have already forgotten about the joy and pains of the year that raced past us. I like this particular aspect of us. We forget and move on quickly. We may not forgive, but we do move on. As I watched the world usher in the new year with broad smiles and open arms, two things caught my attention.

The first was the about the fire at the Address Downtown Hotel, Dubai. Before the new year, the fire turned out to be alarming. Luckily, there has been no loss of life. The hotel can take pride in this fact although we are still awaiting the exact causes. As the world is rapidly becoming a dangerous place to live in, any news like this is treated with suspicion. You struggle hard to take away the doubt on villainous involvement. Despite this setback, Dubai behaved like a real showman. They went about their business as per schedule. There was usual artwork on their skies with fireworks. You may click this link to see the aftermath of the fire in the morning.

The second was the photograph of a person celebrating the new year. The person has passed out after consuming drinks, a mistake most of us has made at different times of our lives. We drink too much. As a result, there is a blackout, and we remember nothing, thankfully. But then a photograph surfaces from the unexpected quarters. Luckily for this person, we can't see her face. So she can rest assured. You may click this link to see the photograph.

So fire and drinks forms the first image of the new year. Here is wishing everyone a happy new year.

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