Pappettan goes to a garage

A visit to the garage is saddening. Whenever you take a car for servicing, the repair man identifies so many small things. When you fix these little things, the resultant bill adds up to a big amount. So when Pappettan asked me to accompany him to the garage, my wicked mind was already playing out the victory scene in a loop. Although his intention is a simple oil change, Pappettan goes to the garage and eventually hands over a whole lot of money. But the reality turned out to be different.

After handing the keys to the supervisor, we waited for the assessment report. We might have waited for an hour when the supervisor returned with a sheet. I could see it was a long list.

Supervisor: *looking at the long list of the items* Your car has a lot of problems. You will have to do a coolant flush, trans flush and a power steering flush. *pauses and looks up* We recommend these flushes.

Pappettan: *nods and listens*

Supervisor: *goes on* The air filter is also nearing the end. It is better to replace now.

Pappettan: *still nodding and listening*

Supervisor: *continues* Your check engine light lights up intermittently. Hence, we would like to run more diagnostics to identify the underlying problem. For this service, we will have to charge you labour costs.

Pappettan: *calmly listens*

Supervisor: *adding the finishing touches* Finally, we will do the oil change as requested.

Pappettan: *looks at the supervisor in the eyes, waits for a long time and speaks* Please change the oil. Please do not do anything else.

Supervisor: *speechless at Pappettan's response and stammers* But...

Pappettan: *continues* Keep one thing in mind. I know my car has a lot of problems. While you are opening up the hood to do your activities, please don't introduce any new problems. I can live with the problems I have created but not with the ones you create.

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