Who is trying to disarm and conquer?

We saw many occurrences of gun related violence from the unexpected quarters. Most of these occurrences happened in the United States. I am not sure how easy is it to get a gun in the US. Nor do I understand what kind of controls do they want to impose on the sale of firearms. But one thing for sure. The subject of gun control polarises the nation. I saw a clip on the news channel where the opponents of gun control were holding up a banner highlighting a quote from Adolf Hitler. To conquer a nation, you must first disarm its citizens.

If you reflect on the quote, it makes perfect sense. But did Adolf Hitler say it? According to the fact finder site, www.snopes.com, there is no documented proof behind this quote. But there is enough literature that can be interpreted to arrive at this alleged quote. Looking back, Hitler invaded a lot of countries in his quest for domination. It makes perfect sense to disarm the citizens once he has conquered a nation. Whom are we fighting against now? Who is conquering us? As far as I can see, there is only one thing that tries to overpower and subjugate us. Fear. Can we use a gun against our fear? How do we fight this monster?

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  1. Please watch the documentary by Michael Moore called BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE. Even though old it can still be a good starting point.opening scene is stunning because he gets rifle for free when he opens a bank account!!!!!!
    There will never be a gun control law in USA in the near future becau$e the anti gun control lobby!s hold is tight. They raise the first and second amendment at the drop of the hat. Gun ownership and violence being high indicates the phobia present in USA as a society. Racial, religious, psychological fears ! Gun owners realize not that THEIR FANCY GUNS OUTLIVE THEM AND PASS ON TO ANOTHER MAN!

    1. I have seen the documentary by Michael Moore. The gun control in US is a difficult proposition because of many historic reasons.


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