35 feeling 21

A 21-year-old boy is trapped in the body of a 35-year-old man. This dilemma forms the crux of my friend's problem. If you ponder on this problem, it is, in fact, a preferable situation. All of us grows up and end up boring. So what if you can stay younger? When it comes to aging, the key lies in your mind. My friend has a the mind of 21-year-old-boy. So he has unlocked the anti-aging mechanism. Then why is he worried about this blessed state?

On paper, this scenario is a win-win. But does a 21-year-old mind translates into a winning criterion in the real world. We all had our blunders in this age. The unadulterated mindset during this stage brings a fresh perspective by always questioning everything around you and the drive to prove oneself. At the same, the impatience during this phase brings our downfall too. For this reason, I stated the win-win on paper. 

Now with 35 years of learning, has my friend learnt to control the disadvantages associated with his 21-year-old mind? If he has, then he shouldn't worry. Can his body run as fast as with his 21-year-old mind? If he can accomplish this, then there is nothing to worry. The dilemma is a desirable one to have. What is the point of medicating your overactive fertile mind to tone it down? It is always good to have an younger mind inside our older body.

Photo Courtesy: Maurits Verbiest

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  1. its mind over matter, a younger body with a even younger mind is always desirable


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