Pappettan goes to a club

On a Saturday evening, a bunch of friends invited Pappettan for clubbing. The goal of the evening was to listening to music in the crowded smoke-filled room while consuming copious amounts of alcohol in one of the highly rated clubs in the downtown. Being a Saturday evening, everybody in the world was out on the streets. When there is a crowd, it becomes difficult to get into sought after venues. Hence, the group found their way into the club blocked by a giant which belongs to the species named bouncer.

When the most dynamic in the group failed to secure passage into the club, the rest of the group grew despondent. As the enthusiasm levels dropped like an object in freefall, Pappettan emerged out of the shadows and approached the giant. Pappettan made eye contact and emitted a warm, friendly smile. To everyone's surprise, the giant not only returned the smile but also lifted the barrier to let the entire group into the club.

When I heard the story, I was intrigued and also determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. So, I confronted Pappettan.

Me: *astonished* How did you manage to get into the club?

Pappettan: *calmly* I have advised you many times to enroll in a gym.

Me: *irritated at the diversion* Join the gym. Never visit. Get payment deducted from the bank.

Pappettan: *smiling* You are thinking negatively. You go to the gym regularly. There is a lower chance of diseases, increased likelihood of longevity and your youthful looks are preserved. You are agile both mentally and physically.

Me: *cutting abruptly* Yeah, yeah, yeah. What has regular attendance to gym got to do with gaining access to a club? Let us not digress.

Pappettan: *like a sage* Gym was the key. I go to the gym.

Me: *puzzled* So? Was the bouncer afraid of you?

Pappettan: *smiling* No, but the bouncer also goes to the same gym. You see, these are the social benefits of going to a gym.

Photo Courtesy: Nikos Koutoulas


  1. Hah.. Nice way of connecting people and getting the job done. Hilariously written. Nice :-)


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