Pappettan talks about commitment

I hitched a cab ride with Pappettan. We were planning to have dinner in one of our favorite places in the city center. It was a tiring day, and we were looking forward to the dinner and accompanyings drinks. After reaching the restaurant and paying the driver, we were getting out of the cab when the driver asked us a question.

Cab Driver: *politely* Would you like me to book a ride back?

Me: *looks quizzically*

Cab Driver: *explains* A driver will be here to pick you up and drop you back after the dinner.

Me: *abruptly* No.

I realized I was quick to respond, and my voice also climbed a notch. While the above fact was taking full effect on me, Pappettan lit up like Champs-Élysées during Christmas. So I was curious, and I started the interrogation.

Me: *questioningly* What?

Pappettan: *still smiling* What What?

Me: *after letting out a sigh* Why are you smiling?

Pappettan: *still smiling* It is your answer for the driver. You behaved like a man.

Me: *sensing there was a derogatory tone to the usage of the term man* What did I do?

Pappettan: *passes the judgement* Commitment Phobia.

Me: *shocked* What?

Pappettan: *explains* Booking a return cab means you have to finish the dinner at a particular time.

Me: *challenging* What is wrong with that? So I have freedom to choose to do whatever after the dinner.

Pappettan: *with a twinkle in the eye* So what do you after dinner normally.

Me: *sheepishly* Get a cab and return.

Pappettan: *smiling again* So you are not going to paint the town red. You will go home and sleep. You have a problem with committing yourself to that.

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