That place where we went on a vacation

Why do we need to take a vacation? A vacation is a good break from all things routine. After a holiday, most of us are infused with higher levels of energy. The new experiences encountered in a holiday might present us with new perspectives on our daily problems. To summarize, a vacation is a good thing. But sometimes vacation has an opposite effect. Instead of rejuvenating us, it might leave us tired thereby making us desire for another vacation. Recently I was in engaged in a dinner conversation with two acquaintances on the subject of vacation.

Everyone over here in the UK prefers the Canary Islands. During Christmas, there were attractive holiday packages to the Canary Islands. It is warmer there than here. Christmas is long gone, and Easter is also now gone. The two acquaintances were discussing the Easter weekend. Apparently, both of them spent their Easter holidays in Tenerife. This revelation brightened up the mood.

Acquaintance 1: *smiling* So we might have crossed each other during the Easter holidays. Where did you stay?

Acquaintance 2: *excited* We stayed in one of the best places. It has a natural pool. The sea was rough and hence we couldn't walk down to the pool. They had cordoned it off.

Acquaintance 1: *nods* Interesting!

Acquaintance 2: *continues* The sea was quiet in the evening and loud in the morning. That was surprising. There was a place where tides were high and splashing onto the reef. It was beautiful.

Acquaintance 1: *curious* What was the name of the place, again?

Acquaintance 2: *silent*

Acquaintance 1: *looking expectantly*

Acquaintance 2: *slowly* I am trying to think.

Acquaintance 2 tried hard. He scoured the pictures on his iPhone to massage his memory to flush out the name of the place. He couldn't. Finally, Acquaintance 1 gave a sensible advice. Ask your wife. Soon Acquaintance 2 send an SMS. Several seconds later, the wife replied. Los Gigantes. 

Now was that a relaxing vacation? What do you think?

Photo Courtesy: Bob Hall