The Weather and We

The first thing I noticed was the abundance of summer dresses. The setting is office, and hence, such sights invoke two conflicting emotions in me. The first one is warm, happy feeling while the other one is a well-hidden surprise. Are summer dresses an appropriate office wear? The temperature predicted for Leeds is 20 degrees. It is becoming warmer, and by the looks of it, the Summer is here although we are still searching for that elusive Spring.

It is afternoon now. The temperature has soared up to 19 degrees. I can hear occasional laughter. Everybody is in a holiday mood. The cheerful mood warrants a question. Does the weather affect your happiness? For writers, the weather has always been a worthy ally to bring out the emotional turmoil. Mention the rain to any Keralites. You will immediately find an elevation in their happiness levels. I will not be surprised if they do not bring in Padmarajan to their discussion. I wouldn't be surprised if they say Padmarajan invented the rain or Padmarajan & rain are the same thing.

I believe weather often dictates our behavior. I long for Summer. I like the longer days and enhanced energy levels for activities. As a photography enthusiast, Summer does present challenges especially if you are waiting for a sunset photo. On the other hand, Winter is easier. In Winter, you click the sunset and it is time for aperitifs whereas it is time for the bed after a sunset photo in Summer. Will we able to free ourselves from the evil clutches of weather? My friend is unaffected by the weather. I am going with that statement for now. But what about you?

Photo Courtesy: Tobi Gaulke 

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  1. I don't know about others. But weather always swings my mood.

    1. I think most of us are affected by the weather


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