A young lady learns about Suffragettes

Sitting with your daughter while she is learning can turn into a humbling experience. While my daughter was practicing her comprehension skills, I noticed the text was about suffragette movement. Although I didn't know a lot of about this topic, I knew just enough to know it was a women's movement. So after my daughter finished the text, I asked her to explain what she read to me. As I was not happy with her explanation, I decided to hammer in the point.

Me: *seriously* You are a woman! *panics, pauses and rethinks the strategy* You are a girl!

Daughter: *looks up and fixes her eyes on me questioningly*

Me: *confidently* You should know about suffragette. It was a women's movement.

Daughter: *expressionless*

Me: *energetically* Women couldn't vote. Suffragettes were fighting for the fundamental rights.

Daughter: *silent*

Me: *determined* Women couldn't go to colleges. Girls couldn't go to schools.

Daughter: *breaks the silence* That was good.

Me: *confused* Why?

Daughter: *explains in a matter of fact tone* Then, I wouldn't have to learn all these. 

Photo Courtesy: U.S. Embassy, the Hague