India Type of deals

“India type deals.” Or should I read it as “Small is beautiful”? Since you can’t bottle has become old, package the wine in a new one. Earlier, the big companies used to shun small deals. It is up to smaller fishes in the market to go for the small deals. What is the reason for the sudden interest in such deals? Is this the direct result of the scramble for revenues and margins?

The other buzzword used is automation. I may sound like a Luddite or a retrograde. The reality is that services industry has not attained the maturity in this space yet. They will eventually get here. But currently, there is an emphasis on automation and pressure to deliver. The unnecessary pressure is not creating the right atmosphere to foster creativity. As a result, there is a tendency quickly fix some broken piece in a complicated process and label it as saving because of automation. This course of action does not foster the right environment to encourage creativity and end-to-end thinking.

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Photo Courtesy: Indi Samarajiva