I hate this lunchbox!

Most of my colleagues pack their lunch from home. I like to see the open lunch boxes because each of them features a different dish. It is unlike the few choices you get from the cafeteria. Each dish has a different story to say. A friend of mine recently told me a story of a lunch box.

A colleague of my friend used to pack lunch from home. She always packed curd rice. For me, it is one of the easiest dishes to make. While it is not too time-consuming to prepare, curd rice has the added advantage of cooling you down in seconds. You can season the curd rice with different ingredients.

During the lunch hour, the colleague opens the lunch box. She stares at the content in the open box for a few seconds. During this time, her face displays a gamut of expressions, the prominent being hatred. Finally, she removes some of the ingredients and eats the curd rice.

After a few days, my friend couldn't resist his curiosity. How long can a person bring the same dish? Moreover, the colleague's facial expression clearly shows her dislike for this dish. So my friend decided to find out the truth. He approached her and started firing a series of questions.

My Friend: *gently* I notice you always bring curd rice.

The Colleague: *absent-mindedly* Yes. *after a brief pause* I pack the same dish for everyone in the family.

My Friend: *smiling* But you don't seem to like it.

The Colleague: *defensive* That is not correct.

My Friend: *still smiling but a bit confused* Judging by the expression on your face when you open the lunch box, I thought you hated it.

The Colleague: *understands my friend's concern* I like curd rice. But I don't like the seasoning.

My Friend: *feeling light after identifying the cause* Then it is easy! Don't use those ingredients for seasoning.

The Colleague: *exasperated* But he likes it so!

The "He" referenced here is her husband. Like I said, every lunch box has a story to tell.

Picture Courtesy: Harsha K R


  1. Sad commentary on the importance given to husband's tastes. Ideally they could have worked out a compromise.

    1. :) They could work out a compromise. But I was hooked to the fact the wife is ready to cook something which she doesn't like every day. That made me write this article. I really didn't feel sad on hearing/writing it. It was intriguing for me


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