A gift which cannot be used

There is always a leaving do whenever someone resigns or retires from an organization. Leaving dos are always associated with parties and gifts. Under normal circumstances, both are to be cherished. There might be extreme cases to the left and the right of the spectrum. Recently a friend narrated an interesting incident.

A colleague of my friend was leaving the organization. As a result,  there were two gifts presented to the co-worker. The first was an iPad Mini. It is a fitting gesture. The second one was a pen. Once the pen was handed over, they instructed. Do not write with this pen.

At this point, my friend was taken aback just like us. Why would you gift a pen and request not to use it? It doesn't make any sense. So they explained. This pen is a gift. This pen is not for writing. This pen is for passing it over to your next generation. So the pen moves down your bloodline.

I do not doubt my friend. But are there gifts like these? It is a lovely gesture of your friends and colleagues to give you a gift that doubles up as an inheritance for future generations.

Photo Courtesy: Kenneth Moyle