All of us are not made equal

Some of the motivational quotes tell us we are made equal. It is upon us on how to achieve greatness. Are we created equal? Philosophy and religion may say this. Today I was watching a gymnastic class for kids. After looking at a bunch of kids performing acrobatics, I have come to the conclusion that philosophy and religion may not be right.

Kids are an enthusiastic crowd. During the gymnastics class, they were divided into various groups depending on their skill levels. They were given the same kind of exercises with differing difficulty levels for the different groups. It was fun to watch the kids perform these activities. In one of the exercises, they have to run, jump up a raised platform, place their hands on the platform and then perform a somersault. There were some experts in the group. For most of them, it was improvisation, and that is when I realized not all are made equal.

There is an element which marks the kids apart from the crowd. They may be able to do this seemingly difficult task. But one factor makes all the difference. Grace. During the learning phase, some kids recover from failure gracefully. They not only recover but also perform the act with grace when successful. You can learn grace. It is an acquired skill. But some of us are born with grace. Of course, they are at an advantage in everything.

Photo Courtesy: Malingering


  1. Equal as far as human rights are concerned. Not otherwise.

    1. That is what we strive for... equality for all. :)


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