Buying a watch is not as easy as you think

The story unfolds in a picturesque country. The country was created in a tiny space set up by three bordering countries namely France, Germany, and Italy. Had these three countries come any closer than they have due geopolitical reasons, our story would have happened elsewhere. The country in question is not only known for romantic destinations but also for punctuality. It may be because of this trait of these countrymen that they are also makers of the finest devices to ensure timeliness. If you haven't guessed the country yet, let me spell it out for you. I am talking about Switzerland and their watches.

If you are planning to bring a watch as a souvenir from your Swiss visit, then you need to listen to this story. In like Flynn. So you may think. But the reality is anywhere near that phrase. As usual, the protagonist of this story is not me. I wish I were leading an exciting life like all my friends who have been part of this blog. The truth is my friends live a more colorful life.  The story features my friend who lived in Switzerland. We wish to go there for a vacation, but my friend has lived there. Hopefully, my earlier point about my friends makes sense now. On a fateful day, my friend decides to shop for a watch.

My blissfully ignorant friend walks into a store selling watches. My friend's goal was to buy a watch. My friend was puzzled that none of the watches on display features price tags. He disregarded the warning bells, attributes this strange phenomenon to something Swiss, and steps into the shop. A friendly store assistant greeted him. The store assistant sat with my friend and patiently understood the requirements of the watch right from the color to the size of my friend's hands. At the end of the interaction, my friend was eager to try the watch. But the store assistant asked him to wait as they have to make the watch for my friend to his specifications. The total cost was a 5 figure number. My friend was quiet about his initial reaction on hearing the price. But he went silent at this point while recounting the story. If he was reminiscing, his facial expression was so painful that I didn't want to pursue further down this road.

To quickly escape, my friend said he was on vacation and hence couldn't wait for the watch. The store assistant assured him not to worry as they deliver the item anywhere in the world. Sometimes, the businesses take the word customer-friendly very seriously. At this point, he paused again. He refused to divulge more information. I am not sure how he came out of this predicament. But I am confident he didn't buy the watch because he was not wearing a Swiss watch when he was talking to me.

Photo Courtesy: Blake Buettner


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