Pappettan on follower count

When a group of photographers met up, the conversation steered into Instagram. I was part of this group along with Pappettan. All of these photographers are already part of this social network and post regularly. As their photographs are exceptional, the count of followers of these photographers has been gradually increasing.

Photographer 1: *excited* I posted the pic from last week's trip.  And do you know what happened?

Rest of us: *disinterested*

Photographer 1: *ignores and continues* The gorgeous actress from the recently successful crime drama followed me on Instagram.

He shows the star's handle listed as a follower of his Instagram account

Rest of us: *hiding our jealousy and nods*

Pappettan: *after a brief pause* So what? Look at the photographer 2

Photographer 2: *suddenly wakes up and looking suspiciously at Pappettan*

Pappettan: *continues with a sly smile* This actress is only following you on Instagram. His wife is following him everywhere!

Photo Courtesy: Patrik Nygren