Movie Review: 7 anos

When an entire movie is set in a constricted space, then the fate hangs on two things. It needs to have great performances or a shockingly evolving theme. If the above two criteria are met, then you have a sure winner at hand. If you look at one of the famous movie namely 12 angry men, it ticks both these boxes. So it remains a classic. There have been many attempts to reproduce the underlying themes ever since. If you look in the near past, then you will find Locke and also Buried which share this similar premise. The Spanish movie 7 años directed by Roger Gual one such film. The film succeeds in holding our attention although the ending is abrupt akin to a great party halted suddenly.

Vero(Juana Acosta), Marcel(Alex Brendemühl), Luis(Paco León), and Carlos(Juan Pablo Raba) are unable to come to a decision related their joint venture. As a result, the responsibility of mediation falls on the shoulders of José(Manuel Morón), an outsider. The general belief is that there is a solution as long as we communicate openly and work towards a resolution. However, are these four people able to arrive at a decision which is agreeable to all parties? We keep asking this question from the start and are eager to know the result. There is an animal lurking in all of us. We realize this aspect as the movie progresses. The discussions start off amicably before everyone loses their decorum and starts attacking each other. At this point, we are shocked by the behavior of various parties. When push comes to shove, there are no scruples.

Roger Gual progressively builds tension in us by tight shots and close-ups combined with performances. He makes us see the best and worst sides of individuals thereby forcing us to question our principles. Although a drama, this movie can also be classified as a thriller. It is an interesting watch.

Language: Spanish

Genre: Drama

Rating: ****