Good food, Bad food. Tomayto, Tomahto

McDonalds. There is a lot written about the effects of fast food. As they try to make the food tastier and irresistible, there are more claims and studies on the detrimental effects on health. The Golden Arches is an easily recognizable symbol and probably a reviled one too. I am neutral to hate and the associated propaganda to this corporation. But a recent trip to one of the outskirts of Manchester is affecting my judgment particularly in a time when my timeline is filled with messages espousing the healthier food habits.

Manchester is a big city. I have not visited the city. I happen to spend a lot of time in Manchester outskirts these days. As a result, I was in the neighborhood of Stockport yesterday. If you look at Wikipedia, it is one of the large towns of Manchester. It may have rich historical significance. But it is a tiny town in reality. By the time you accelerate to 30 mph, you have left the city. I may be exaggerating, but I think you get the drift. I was hungry all of a sudden. There was not a restaurant in sight although I was near the railway station. There was a Sainsburys Local. There were numerous Indian and Chinese restaurants. None of them were open. I look at the time. It was only 8 pm.

After a bit of exploration, I found the famous golden arches. There was a magical sentence written under the arches. Open 24 hours. Because of my hunger, the food tasted delicious. Sometimes, it is the availability that matters. You may have the money, but there might not be a shop or restaurant to buy anything. Now tell me, how can I blame someone who is always there for me? Why do we dub the arches as the villain always?

Photo Courtesy: Mike Mozart